Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bridal Makeup - Photography Perfection

Makeup Artistry beautifully compliments Photography. These two Art Forms harmoniously work together for perfect Bridal Portraits and Wedding Day Photography.
For decades Makeup Artists were used only in the Film Industry, Print Photography or by the wealthy in society.
Today anyone can hire a Makeup Artist for their Photography. The Portraits will become treasures you and the family will enjoy for generations to come.


Sandy said...

I just had to thumbs up your stumble blog, your artistrybysandy and your rheumatoid arthritis blogs.
In 3 yrs I'll be 60, and last year I made goals for myself. 1st./ dental work - now completed. 2nd / exercise and eat right.
I like your food ideas on rheumatoid blog even though I don't have disease I have the start of arthritis in my knees.
The 3rd year/ I want a Professional photo done of me and makeup/makeover.
Wow can I say that again. It is true that when you put your wishes out there and the intent is true for you,things come your way to help you along the way.
One more thing, I have no problem giving women compliments. Your photo is beautiful and what makes it so much more is the sincere smile and the honesty in your eyes. Well thats how I see it anyway. Your SU friend, Mocha

Sandy said...

Thanks Mocha!

I appreciate your comments, email me anytime...
I'm very proud of your goals and the actions to take care of yourself. You deserve it. Please keep in me updated.

Always, Sandy

hammertime said...

Art and photography come together so elegantly!

Jennifer said...

Your site is beautiful! I like the pictures of the brides. Very nice! Keep up the good work. It's obvious you enjoy it!